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Sometimes, a place makes a sculpture in the life.
Here are some places which are important for me.
Via dei Mirtilli - my first space. Endless happy days playing amongst the gardens of Lunetta Gamberini area.
Bologna - big village, where everyone is friend, the word "problem" is unknown and technics has no limits... apparently. Sometimes, maybe, a little equal to itself. Or too much.
Ponticella - many things started here.
Costa S. Giorgio - the road which gave me independence, work, dreams. And love.
Firenze - a medal with two faces: the first one is a Paradise arriving directly from the Renaissance.
Venezia - lighter than clouds, populated by an infinity of twinkling dots... that sweet siren which continuosly disappears.
The beaches of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna - my beautiful relax.
Venosta Valley and Pusteria Valley - my two wings.
Cinque Terre - the treasure island.
Copenhagen - probably the best refined, dreamy, shining time machine. To see beyond.
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