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I think that sport is one of the happiest, and healthiest, invention of human being.
My experience is: do sport, and you will see - everything will be better.

Gymnastic - one of the basis of the human body.
European Football - the standard sport in all the Italian gardens.
Judo - how to focus your own energy in the exact, right, points.
Swimming - fundamental to enjoy the water element.


Tennis - an amazing gentlemanlike activity.
Skating - enhances the contact with the ground.
Skateboarding - a new shape of equilibrium.
Running - the simplest way to know, and improve, your own limit of force.
Road Cycling - opens the door to the external world.
Skiing - a new environment, all white and soft.
Windsurfing - the wind in the hands.
Hiking - moving in the nature.
Table Tennis - simple and fast happiness.
Athletics - a more complete way to know the human body.
Basketball - so athletic and complete... so refined and artistic... this is maybe The Sport.
Billiard - the Evening Standard.


Rugby - pure force.
American Football - technology and specialization.
Mountain Biking - opens the door to the natural world.
Sailing - flying on the waves.


Volleyball - jump, jump and jump.
Bicycle Touring - navigation across the lands.
Grandride - how to feel, know and enjoy a whole continent.


Badminton - controlling the flying object.
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